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Fall JTT Program

Many of our juniors have done team tennis and the improvement in their game is astounding! Because the teams have the ultimate combination of clinics, practices and organized match play, it is the best way for a junior player to improve!

The Fall/Winter Session of our Junior Team Tennis Program runs mid-September through mid-January. 

Team Information

*Matches run mid-October through mid-January. Matches are held indoors at local facilities on the weekends. Times can vary, but most matches are in the afternoon/early evenings.

*Practices and clinics will run 4 months, starting September 14th, with breaks for Thanksgiving and Winter Break.

*All Players must be USTA members to participate.

*Ages for teams are age player will be on August 31, 2017 (yes, really)

**Our schedule is as follows:

One Clinic per week (1.5 hours) - Instruction, Drills
One Practice per week (1.5 hours) - Supervised Match Play
One Match per week (10-11 matches total) - Matches are indoors at various clubs in the area. Each match consists of one boys singles, one boys doubles, one girls singles and one girls doubles (except the all boys teams, which are 2 singles and 2 doubles each). Players will rotate who plays singles and doubles so that everyone gets experience with both.

**A calendar for clinics, practices and matches will be distributed as soon as the schedule is set (usually one week or so before the first match).

**The age groups for teams are: 18's (18 and under), 14's (14 and under), 12's (12 and under) and 10's (10 and under). There are intermediate and advanced levels for each. We must have at least 3 boys and 3 girls to make a team (or 6 boys to make an all boys team).  If a player has a certain number of ranking points from playing USTA-sanctioned tournaments, he/she has to be placed on an advanced-level team.

**Teams will meet on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday each week, 4:30 to 6:00 PM. The schedule is designed to offer families as much flexibility as possible so the kids play tennis!!  Each player may come two of the three days each week. If your player can only come one day one week (or it rains/is particularly cold), he/she can come on the third day on the following week, for example.

We are pretty flexible on days and times, just have to find something that works for everyone/the majority! So, if your player is interested in participating, but W, R, F doesn't work, please let Teresa know this!

**We will need one parent to be the Parent Rep for the Team each week. This involves printing the scoresheet and checking in at the match with the opposing team's rep, as well as reporting the scores back to me. I rotate which parent is the Parent Rep each week.

**Cost (Fall/Winter 2016):

-$155ish (MATCHES*) for signup through the USTA (plus one-year membership of around $30 if you are not already a member)
-$675 (CLINICS AND PRACTICES) through mid January (4+ months of tennis 2-3 times per week, minus holidays)

*Balls, Indoor Courttime, All Clinics and Practices and setup are included in prices above.

Total Cost: ~ $675 to David LeMair, $350 due now, $325due November 10th, plus the $155ish to USTA)

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