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David LeMair has been teaching tennis in Northern Virginia and overseas for over 30 years.  David also plays in the Men's Open Circuit in the Mid-Atlantic.  David is a member of hte PTR; he attends the annual International Symposium, which is a gathering of top teaching pros that focuses on new teaching methods and the latest developments in the tennis world.  David offers his clients years of tennis experience as a teaching pro and a player.  Because he is still competing professionally and he is a member of the USTA and the PTR, David also offers a unique and up-to-date understanding of and enthusiasm for tennis.

Quinn Holloman has been with DLT for 8 years.  Quinn is PTR certiied, , as been coaching highschool tennis for 5 years. Quinn

Chet Vincentz is

Tyler Roosma is

Teresa LeMair says "Tennis is Life!"  Teresa has been teaching tennis and runnin tennis tournaments for almost 20 years.

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