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Junior Tennis Camps 2016

The summer tennis camps offered by David LeMair Tennis are fun, yet challenging and instructional and cater to boys and girls ages 5-18 at all skill levels. For the beginner, a progressive format is followed. Each session teaches basic tennis strokes and strategy in an enthusiastic, but low-pressure environment. For the intermediate and advanced players, every session consists of intense drills to refine strokes, conditioning exercises, strategy, and competitive match play.

Session Dates and Times:

Tennis camps are offered in one-week sessions beginning June 13 and ending September 2. Camp classes run from 9 AM to 1 PM each day, Monday through Friday. Daily rates are also available on a space available basis.



Tennis camps are held at Jefferson District Park in Falls Church, VA.  7900 Lee Highway (Near Mosaic)



$235.00 for each one-week session (5 days, 20 hours)

2016 Week Dates:
Week 1: June 13-17
Week 2: June 20-24
Week 3: June 27-Jul 1
Week 4: July 4-8
Week 5: July 11-15
Week 6: July 18-22
Week 7: July 25-29
Week 8: August 1-5
Week 9: August 8-12
Week 10: Aug. 15-19
Week 11: Aug. 22-26
Week 12: Aug. 29-Sept. 2


A deposit of 50% is required in advance, plus guest fees, with the balance due at the beginning of each session.

Families that initially sign up for more than 2 weeks of tennis (1 week for 3 children, 2 weeks for 2 children, etc) will receive a $10 discount on any week after the first two weeks. Discounts cannot be combined.

To Sign Up For

Junior Tennis Camp,

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the typical camp day like?  
We start the day by warming up as a large group, using stretches, exercises and sometimes a game.  Then we go over the groundstrokes.  Then we split up into smaller groups.  Groups are formed based on age, sex and skill level.  Instructors use a mix of drills and games to teach tennis.  We take a morning break and a lunch break.  Campers may bring their lunch or purchase it at the grill. After each break, we rejoin our groups and continue with the drill/game/LOTS of fun mixture!

What is the instructor to student ratio?
We are very proud of the fact that our ratio is so low.  We usually have between 4 and 8 players on the court per qualified instructor (one court per group).

What if the weather is particularly hot?
Water, water, and more water - drinking water (and LOTS of it), getting wet and/or run through the hose, water relays, water balloons, gatorade prizes, and even popsicles!  We have been doing this for over 30 years, we know how to stay cool and have fun!

What happens if it rains?
If there is thunder or lightening, or it begins to rain, and we have not yet started the lesson, you will receive an email.  We will try to just postpone the start time by a bit, unless the radar looks like it is an all-day affair.  If the camp has already started for the day, we will clear the courts and make a decision about the rest of the day, depending on the radar.  Last summer, in 12 weeks of tennis camp, we only missed one day of camp.  If we miss time on the court, we try to make most to all of it up by extending camp hours during the rest of the week.  Last summer, we were able to make up all but 1/2 hour of missed courttime during the 12 weeks.

What does my child need to bring?
A tennis racquet (we do have them available for sale if you need one), appropriate clothing with socks and tennis shoes, water, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a swimsuit and towel if they want to get wet during a break.

What if I can only do 4 of the 5 days in a session?
No problem!  You may either pay for a one-week session and make up the missed day (must identify which day will be missed in advance) on another day in Summer 2016 or you may pay the daily rate times 4 days.  Please contact Teresa to make arrangements.

My child is only 8 years old, but has been playing tennis for a few years.  Will she get enough competition?
Groups are based not just on age, but on skill level.  We will start the players out in groups on Monday that are based on the info we have.  But if your child is better than the others in her group, we can move her to a more advanced group at any time.

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